How to optimally execute an investment?

Modern self-service stores in the “home and garden” sector. A functional idea for facilities from 1000m2 to 4000m2 and with additional space for lease.

For whom?
For investors searching for official procedure handling services to ensure that the prepared documents flawlessly carry out their investment goals. For investors searching for a concept optimal in terms of utility, with reliable solutions in terms of buildings. For investors looking for guarantees that on the indicated land property the Investor will ultimately commission a commercial building. For investors searching for materials to hold a contest for selecting a designer and comprehensive contractor. For investors looking to establish contact with a bank to receive a loan. We meet the needs of investors looking for construction ideas and needs related to preparing a full-discipline building project, which will include practical solutions from already built objects under the Mrówka and Profi brands. We realize the expectations of investors looking for full service construction work contractors.

Benefits of cooperation:
The ability to take advantage of the know-how of AM WINTER, which is proficient in the design and comprehensive construction of commercial buildings for the Mrówka and Profi brands, in effect, allows you to eliminate design and execution errors and the related additional costs. AM WINTER’s quick and professional service results in reduced investment time, as well as the investor’s time involvement in executing the project. Land property and functional solution analysis performed by AM WINTER excludes the risk of investment failure. We offer the possibility to become familiar with the facilities, talk to current owners and, ultimately, gain unique knowledge.

Needs of the Investor
The investor is a participant of the building process in accordance with the 7th of July 1997 Building Law act (Official Journal No. 89, pos. 414, further amended). As a result, the investor is under the obligation throughout the entire investment execution period, i.e. from the moment of deciding to build the property up to the moment of commissioning the finished facility, to perform a range of actions. The investor may serve the role of the builder for themselves or the role of a developer for the needs of potential tenants. The investor’s obligations include organizing the building process through ensuring the following:

- developing the construction design,
- appointing the site manager,
- developing the safety and health protection plan,
- executing and accepting the construction works,
- establishing investor and author supervision.

At this stage investors use professional consulting and establish contact with experienced and qualified staff which is the guarantor of comprehensive execution of the task and successful completion of the construction process. Investors search for services which will allow within the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost to lead to comprehensive investment execution. The key issue for them is to achieve, at the stage of conceptual preparation, an optimal area development plan, office complex functional plan, façade projection, roof projection, etc., which fully reflect the actual needs of the investor and ensure effective performance of the construction process and acquisition of a building permit and occupancy permit. In practice, unfortunately, the cost estimation of a commercial hall has nothing to do with the execution cost of the entire investment. The true costs are not the sum total of costs in the accounting and financial system, but often also undervalued costs of time devoted to meetings, telephone calls, travel, as well as costs of errors arising from lack of knowledge.

Method of fulfilling the Investor’s needs
Making the decision to commence the investment carries with it the obligation to acquire a range of administrative decisions which are a prerequisite to starting and continuing the works and later occupancy of the property, which includes applying to users of utilities for appropriate utility delivery requisitions, situation of the facility in the appropriate location in terms of logistics, plot utilization, costs of performance and land conditions. The investor is, most of all, the addressee of specific decisions by national building supervision authorities and building law regulations regarding the course of the construction process. In practice the performance of the Investor’s obligations, based on a contract, can be carried out by another authorized entity. Due to the above, the AM WINTER company services Investors in various areas:

I: Analysis of the validity of purchasing a new land property and preparation of the design concept in order to acquire a credit promise or bank loan, for the purpose of readiness to sign a contract for the preparation of the construction design and comprehensive performance, for the purpose of acquiring a final flat rate price and performance time.
II: Preparation of a full-discipline building design and construction of the object

Added: 25.07.2016