III Economic Forum in Rawicz

It is now the third time that a huge economic event will take place in Rawicz. This year’s Forum is planned for the 16th of November 2017 at 11:00 in the events hall of the Cultural Center in Rawicz, Targowa street 1.

This year the main slogan of the event is: "Emloyee time". Do you really lack Polish professional wiiling to work? The meeting will be hosted by Tomasz Telesiński – director of Greater Poland’s Investor Service Center. Participants of the forum will include entrepreneurs and local government representatives from Greater Poland and Lower Silesia.

The municipality`s mayor Grzegorz Kubiak will host experts in the fields of economy, law and business consulting. The aim of the forum is primarily the economic promotion of our municipality, but also to analyze the issue of the lack of workforce and hiring foreign workers, as well as learn how to talk to the young generation in order to raise their attachments to companies and brands. We will albo get to know the secrets to splitting ways with class, i.e. hot to solve conflicts so as to not end up in court with the employee.



Added: 02.12.2017