Maciej Winter

Experts in preparing investments for construction of production, logistic, office or residential buildings, on a turnkey basis.

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Maciej Winter

Managing director


We comprehensively service production and logistic investors whose goal is a new investment in Poland or development of their business in other locations.

Manager. Engineer. Partner. Expert in the field of conducting projects associated with the launch of production or logistic facilities, design and construction of production, storage or commercial halls and office buildings on a turnkey basis. Engineer and manager with vast experience in terms of conducting projects related to the design and construction of buildings on a turnkey basis and at production companies. 

Within the scope of his professional practice the founder of the Amwin Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. company set out to change its business model from a subcontractor operating since 1995, to a designer and general contractor of halls and office complexes in 2009. Originator and developer of the a new company. He signed and successfully completed over 70 contracts in the design-build formula, in the area of designing and constructing production, storage, commercial and office buildings, in the position of management member in charge of pre-commencement works and design concepts, contract signing, customer service, project management and development.           

He has skillfully managed teams of engineers, architects, designers, physical workers, subcontractors, suppliers in the fields of construction, sales, marketing and customer service. He has advised the following customers in the area of production halls, storage halls, commercial and office buildings: PSB, Format, Rolmako, Lampex, Duet, Polcreative, Zobal, Lanvar, Wavin, Gonvarii, Metgalex, Jasopels, Unimebel, Holand Tank Service, Fludra, Starz, RPC Bebo, Rosiek&Rosiek, U Stefana, Bud-rental, Klafs, BZM Cieśla, Stomil, Pol-Strautmann, Kas-boks, Trepko, Stoldrew, Kehler AG, V33, Typoraf, Pawłowski z Pobiedzisk, Jaro Meble, ASTAT, Wagrol, Agmamito, Pimax, Stomil, Aligator, Impakt, Green Polska, Rak, PSB Pazgan, Waplast, etc.            

Since 2017, originator and developer of the new AM WINTER company, whose objective is the comprehensive servicing of “premium” investors who intend to launch new factories, logistic or commercial facilities in Poland, as well as customers with development plans for new locations of industrial or commercial buildings. A consultant on the commercial properties’ market.

He is a member of the Greater Poland Property Trade Agents Association, speaker on behalf of the DAFA trade association, speaker on behalf of the NOWOCZESNE HALE monthly magazine at the Budma trade fair, speaker during workshops for logistics managers at WarehouseLab, as well as for experts in the field of real-estate.

As the manager of the company, responsible for sales and marketing, he is a six-time laureate of thee Fair Play award, three-time laureate of the Gazele Biznesu award, business organizer with a very high financial capacity according to Creditform. He graduated EMBA studies at Aalto University, FIDIC post-graduate studies, post-graduate studies in real-estate trade, and the Poznań University of Technology in the years 1995-2000.

mobile: 509 750 734